Awareness Academy

Firstly welcome and many thanks for visiting our site...

Here at Awareness Academy our aim is to help show today's generation that there is help and support out there and under no circumstances should anyone have to sit and suffer in silence, even if potentially our booklets help and guide children in the right direction then job well done.

The aspects we cover are no longer government funded and are very important but also sensitive subjects such as:

  • Social Media and the Effects
  • Bullying
  • Teen Depression
  • Suicide
  • Drug Addiction

  • Self-harm
  • Anxiety
  • Mental Health
  • Financial Help
  • Grooming

Unfortunately in today's society we hear the devastating effects of every subject in these booklets and in some aspects cost the lives of many today.

Statistics show that one in every ten children sit and suffer alone which, on average, shows three per class and this has risen throughout the years.

We provide these to schools throughout England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Jersey and Guernsey through a learning booklet that can be used during teens' PHSE lessons as a teaching aid and also be used at home.

Raising awareness in schools of support for teens mental health issues | self harm | drug addiction | suicides | bullying